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On All our Themes


The product and services we offer you are intangible or non-physical, so we could not file any refund after downloading the product. In any case of theme installation or not working well as per demo then our team of technical professionals will try to solve your problems and issues for you. 

We have set certain cases on which company work for refund policy, everyone keep a loot at once before and after purchasing a product. 

There are few non-returnable cases which are not accepted :
- If you do not like the product
- If you download product after buying it by mistake
- If you do not like or want after downloading
- If product does not satisfies you
- If you are not able to handle this product
- If you change your mind
- Any technical issue from your side

Excepting these all case if you are having any technical issues or theme set up issues our team will always ready for the solutions.

To , you can contact us at
You can always ask any queries at