My Salon Management Android App

Most Useful for!

Salon basically means a place, a room, a store or a venue that offers products and services related to hairdressing, beauty and spa. Services like hair cutting, colouring, styling, hairdressing, wedding makeup, conditioning, damage repairing, facials, skin care treatments, manicure, pedicure, aromatherapy, nail treatments, cosmetic treatments, Acne treatments, spa, massage, waxing and so much, and their products related to all these services and some fashion accessories are also available in the salon.

My Salon Management app is a sort of multipurpose android app that can be used by salons, spas, massage canters, beauty parlours, makeup artists, beautician, skin rejuvenation services, dermatologists and all such related businesses. It is an android studio-based application specially designed for salon management. It is a minimal looking android app with a user-friendly interface. It's unique and classy design makes it look professional as well as easier to understand for the user.

What is the Use!

Management of all these kinds of services and products is difficult, complicated and exhausting. But in today's technological world, things are being made much easier and less time consuming. For management of the staff, clients, services, products, bills, reports etc. we have built a great all in one salon management android application name as “My Salon Management” application provides unique opportunities designed to propel the salon businesses to greater success.

How Easily Can Use!

In this application, you just need to add the team (staff) and the products and services and you are good to go. Entry of each client can be done in this app and bills can also be created separately for each client. On the homepage, you can see the number of clients attended as well as the revenue generated for the current day, week, month and year, which also helps you to increase targets on a timely basis. The homepage also includes the report option, clicking on which, the date-to-date data will be available on your screen to make it easier to sort your reports as well as errors if any. This salon management system android application also has a special backup feature that helps you create backups locally and never miss-out any of your data in any way to keep the business running smoothly and growing faster by saving the time by eliminating the paperwork and other stuff.
It is the best all in one application for salon management with all the features primarily required for any salon.

Check out the "My Salon Management Android App" application here :